The Life Sciences and Society Symposium

Special Collections contributes to a yearly campus-wide symposium on the life sciences and society with an exhibition of rare books and archival materials. Exhibitions I have curated or co-curated for this symposium include:

  • Winds of Change: Weather and Climate from Antiquity to Present (2016).
  • Generations: Reproduction, Heredity, and Epigenetics (2015).
  • Superhero Science! Fact vs. Fiction in Superhero Comics (2014).
  • Food Revolutions: Science and Nutrition, 1700-1920 (2012).

superhero-science-logo-fbSuperhero Science
is my favorite exhibition to date.  I curated this exhibition in collaboration with two undergraduate interns.  This exhibition considered the use of science in four themes in superhero comics: Evolution, Genetic Modifications, Technology, and Anatomy. Each section challenged the viewer to identify the ways that comics and superheroes have contributed to his or her understanding of science and the natural world.

I also did the graphic design and marketing for this exhibition, and I co-organized campus and community outreach programming that included superhero design contests, a scientific lecture by Mizzou’s own on-campus superhero scientist, and more.